We do custom order Zombie Costumes with YOUR clothes!!

HOW IT WORKS:   we know that the items in our current inventory aren't always the correct styles or sizes for our buyers... in that case, we suggest pulling item(s) from your own closet that you no longer care about, or maybe purchasing something cheap from a thrift store that you know already fits you.  send it to us, we'll zombify it for ya, send you photos, make any necessary changes, and send it on back to ya!.... please make sure you have cleaned/ washed your items before sending them to us.... keep in mind that light colored items work best if you want the grunge and blood to really stand out...dark colored or black items are only going to show the rips and tears. the process takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. (depending on how busy we get). so please take that into consideration before ordering. (like don't send me something a week before Halloween and expect to have it back by trick or treating or your halloween party. i'm goo

Part 1: Family Library and Reading List. 100s of Books on Consciousness, Reincarnation, The Esoteric, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy and what-not. Part 1 (The First 50 books)

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